The Principle of Correspondence

dubovskoymountaintwilightNumerology, onomatology, astrology and the like are based on the principle of correspondence, which is that everything corresponds to one or the other of general cosmic symbols, on account of what anything is as a true whole.

Thus, for example, your name and time of birth correspond to a general symbol that gives your place in the organism of humanity and life, and tells you correspondences to other things in nature such as certain animals, colours, geometric forms, numbers, etc.

Thus, using a natal analysis, I can give you the basic meaning of your name in the sense of its place in the order of nature, the cosmos.

Natal Analysis

Natal astrology including name analysis. Breakdown of basic character tendencies and native destiny. Provided is your birth-chart attached as a pdf, the number and meaning of your name, as well as recommendations based on this information, such as when to plan important events and what sort of psychological tendencies you have. *it is required for this service to provide to best possible accuracy the full birth-name, birth-time and birth-location of the subject. E-mail all related questions to matthewdeagleastrology@gmail.com, or use the contact form on this page.